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A Leaf from the Natural History of New Zealand



Engaio, a long white worm. A parasite of the Hinanga in the Rotoaira lake

Hara, large centipede: sometimes six inches long; it is perfectly harmless. (Scolopendra)

Kakariki, green lizard. (Naultinus elegans)

Kaiwakaruaki. Syn. with Moko

Kakawariki, a green lizard with yellow spots on the back. (Naultinus punctatus)

Mokamoka, lizard. (Tiliqua Zelandica)

Moko, a large lizard said to be eight feet long

Mokomoko, lizard. Syn. with Mokamoka

Mokonui, a large lizard, said to be found up the Patea; their cry is koramoko: two young ones were once killed there three feet long

Mokopeke, a very large lizard, said to bite

Pipipi, guana

Pirirewa, lizard

Piritana, glow worm

Puratoke, a centipede luminous in the dark

Ruatara, a lizard eighteen inches long. (Guana.) Chiefly found on small islands

Toke, worm. Many of the worms are luminous in the dark; some attain the length of two feet

Tuatara, guana

Tuatete, guana. Syn. with Tuatara

Tupua, name of a snake said to have been seen in New Zealand

Wakatawatawa, lizard

Weri, centipede

Wheke, centipede.