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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 88

Balance Sheet Referred to in Above Articles

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Balance Sheet Referred to in Above Articles

BALANCE SHEET OF THE FIDELITY AND ACCIDENT GUARANTY COMPANY OF NEW ZEALAND UP TO 18Dr. Cr.CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES. Showing—PROPERTY AND ASSETS. £ s. d. £ s. d. Showing—£ s. d.£ S. D.1. Capital1 The total amount received from. 3. Property heldImmovable Property, distinguish the Shareholders ...... by the Com-ing—Showing also— (A) The Number of Shares. (B) The Amount per share (C) If any arrears of calls, and the nature of the arrears Any arrears due from any Director or officer of the Company to be separately(A) Freehold Land ...... (B) Ditto Buildings (C) Leasehold ditto ...... Movable Property, distinguishing (D) Stock-in-trade (E) Plant ......... The cost to be stated with deductions for deterioration instated. (D) The particulars of any forfeited Shares.value as charged to the Reserve Fund or Profit and Loss. Show ing—2. Debts andShowing—4. Debts owing6. Debts considered good for whichI bilities ofThe amount of loans on mortgage1to the Com-the Company hold bills or othert Company.2. or debenture bonds ...... The amount of debts owing by the 3. Company, distinguishing— (A) Debts for which acceptance have been given (B) Debts to tradesmen for supplies of stock-in-trade or other articlespany. securities. ... .... 7 Debts considered good for which the Company hold no security 8 Debts considered doubtful and bad; any debts due from a Director or other Officer of the Company to be separately stated Showing(C) Debts for Law expenses5. Cash andThe nature of investment and rate(D) Debts for interest on debentures or other loanslnvestments.of Interest ... ... ... The amount of cash, where lodged(E) Unclaimed dividends (F) Debts not enumerated aboveand if bearing interest6. Resrve Fund.Showing— The amount set aside from profits to meet contingencies7. Profit & Loss.Showing—The disposable balance for pay- ment of dividend, &c. ... 1=—ContingentClaims against the Company not ac-Liabilities.knowledged as Debts ... Moneys for which the Company iscontingently liable

Balance Sheet Referred to in Above Articles.