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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

"Baptism—with Soap—

"Baptism—with Soap

is a good institution." Now, when some man had said some trifling thing like that, they put this thumb-screw on him, and in the name of universal benevolence and fot the love of God—man has never persecuted man for the love of man; man has never persecuted another for the love of charity—it is always for the love of something he calls God, and every man's idea of God is his own idea. If there is an infinite God, and there may be—I don't know—there may be a million for all I know—I hope there is more than one—one seems so lonesome. They kept turning this down, and when this was done, most men would say, "I will recant." I "think I would. There is not much of the martyr about me. I would have told them, "Now, you write it down and I will sign it. You may have one God or a million, one hell or a million. You stop that—I am tired."

Do you know sometimes I have thought that all the hypocrites in the world are not worth one drop of honest blood. I am sorry that any good man ever died for religion. I would rather let them advance a little easier. It is too bad to see ft good man sacrificed for