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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

A Rabbi Bien

A Rabbi Bien,

and he comes to the defence of the great law-giver. There was another rabbi who attacked me in Cincinnati, and I couldn't help but think of the old saying that a man got off when he said the tallest man he ever knew, his name was Short. And the fattest man he ever saw, his name was Lean. And it is only necessary for me to add that this rabbi in Cincinnati was Wise.

The rabbi here, I will not answer him, and I will tell you why. Because he has taken himself outside of all the limits of a gentleman; because he has taken it upon himself to traduce every American woman in language the most disgusting I ever read, and any man who says that the American women are not just as good women as any that were ever made is an unappreciative barbarian.

I will let him alone because he denounced all the men in this country, all the members of congress, all the members uf the senate, and all judges upon the bench; in his lecture he denouueed them as thieves and robbers. That won't do. 1 want to remind him that in this country the Jews were first admitted to the privileges of citizeus; that in this country they were first given all their rights, and I am as much in favor of their having their rights as I am in favor of having my own. But when a rabbi so far forgets himself as to traduce the men and women of this country, I pronounce him