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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

His Name is Herford

His Name is Herford.

He says it is not fair to apply the test of truth to the Bible—I don't think it is myself. He says that although Moses upheld slavery, that he improved it. They were not quite as bad as they were before, and he even justified slavery at that time. Do you believe that God ever turned the arms of children into chains of slavery? Do you believe that God ever said to a man, "You can't have your wife unless you will be a slave! You cannot have your children unless you will lose your liberty; and unless you are willing to throw them from your heart for ever, you cannot be free." I want Mr. Herford to just state whether he loves such a God. Bo honor-bright about it. Don't begin to talk about civilisation, or what the church has done or will do. Just walk right up to the rack and say whether you love and worship a God that established slavery. Honest! And love and worship a God that would allow a little babe to he torn from the breast of its mother and sold into slavery. Now tell it fair, Mr. Herford, I want you to tell the ladies in your congregation that you believe in a God that allowed women to be given to the soldiers. Tell them that, and then if you say it was not the God of Moses, then don't praise Moses any more. Don't do it. Answer these questions. Then here is another gentleman, Mr. Ryder,