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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

God was a Polygamist;

God was a Polygamist;

whether he believes that God commanded Moses or Joshua or any one else to slay little children in the cradle. Do you believe that Robert Collyer would obey such an order? Do you believe that he would rush to the cradle and drive the knife of theological hatred to the tender heart of a dimpled child? And yet when I denounce a God that will give such an order, he says it is slang.

I want him to answer, and when he answers he will say he does not believe the bible is inspired. That is what he will say, and he holds these old worthies in the same contempt as I da

Suppose he should act like Abraham. Suppose he should send some woman out in the wilderness with bis child in her arms to starve, would he think that mankind ought to hold his name up for ever for reverence?

Robert Collyer says that we should read and scan every word of the Old Testament with reverence; that we should take this book up with reverential hands. I deny it. We should read it as we do every other book, and everything good in it, keep it; and everything that shocks the brain and the heart, throw it away. Let us be honest.