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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

The Waves of God's Wrath

The Waves of God's Wrath

dashing against the rocks of dark damnation. He could see tossing in the white-caps the faces of women, and stretching above the crests the dimpled hands of children; and he regarded these things as the justice and mercy of God. And all to-day who believe in this eternal punishment are the barbarians of the nineteenth century. That man believed in a devil, too, that had a long tail terminating with a flery dart; that had wings like a bat—a devil that had a cheerful habit of of breathing brimstone, that had a cloven foot, such as some orthodox clergymen seem to think I have. And there has not been a patentable improvement made upon that devil in all the years since. The moment you drive the devil out of theology, there is nothing left worth speaking of, The moment they drop the devil, away goes atonement. The moment they kill the devil, the whole scheme of salvation has lost all of its interest for mankind You must keep the devil and you must keep hell. You must keep the devil, because with no devil no priest is necessary. Now, all I ask is this—the same privilege to improve upon his religion as upon his dug-out, and that is what I am going to do, the best I can. No matter what church you belong to, or what church belongs to us. Let us be honour bright and fair.