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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87



is the normal condition of such a people. It is the winter that gives us the home; it is the winter that gives us the fireside and the family relation and all the beautiful flowers of love that adorn that relation. Civilisation, [unclear: liboity]. justice, charity, a id page 18 intellectual advancement are all flowers that bloom in the drifted snow. You can't have them anywhere else, and that is the reason we of the north are civilized, and that is the reason that civilisation has always been with winter. That is the reason that philosophy has been here, and in spite of all our superstitious we have advanced beyond some of the other races, because we have had this assistance of nature, that drove us into the family relation, that made us prudent; that made us lay up at one time for another season of the year. So there is one excuse I have for my race.

I have got another, t think we came up from the lower animals. I am not dead sure, out I think so. When I first read about it I didn't like it. My heart was filled with sympathy for those people who leave nothing to be proud of except ancestors I thought how terrible this will be upon the nobility of the old world. Think of their being forced to trace their ancestry back to the Duke Oraug-Outang or to the Princess Chimpanzee. After thinking it all over I came to the conclusion that I liked the doctrine. I became convinced in spite of myself. I read about rudimentary bones and muscles. I was told that everybody had rudimentary muscles extending from the ear into the cheek. I asked: "What are they?" I was told: "They are the remains of muscles; that they became rudimentary from lack of use." They went into bankruptcy. They are the muscles with which your ancestors used to flap their ears.

Well, at first, I was greatly astonished, and afterward 1 was more astonished to find they had become rudimentary. How can you