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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

The Figure of Justice

The Figure of Justice.

Even a God must do justice; even a God must worship justice, and any form of superstition that destroys justice is infamous. Just think of teaching that doctrine to little children! A little child would go out into the garden, and there would be a little tree laden with blossoms, and the little fellow would lean against it, and there would be a bird on one of the boughs, singing and swinging and thinking about four little speckled eyes warmed by the breast of its mate—singing and swinging, and the music in happy waves rippling out of the tiny throat, and the flowers blossoming, the air filled with perfume, and the great white cloud floating in the sky, and the little boy would lean up against that tree and think about hell and the worm that never dies. Oh! the idea there can be any day too good for a child to be happy in!

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Well, after we got over the catechism,