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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

Coiling, Twisting Snakes

Coiling, Twisting Snakes

with their fanged mouths; and it came from the bark, growl, and howl of wild beasts; it was born of a laugh of the hyena, and got it from .the depraved chatter of malicious apes. And I despise it with every drop of my blood and defy it. If there is any God in this universe who will damn his children for an expression of an honest thought, I wish to go to hell. I would rather go there than go to heaven and keep the company of a God that would thus damn his children. Oh; it is an infamous doctrine to teach that to little children, to put a shadow in the heart of a child, to fill the insane asylums with that miserable, infamous lie. I see now and then a little girl—a dear little darling with a face like the light, and eyes of joy, a human blossom, and I think, "Is it possible that that little girl will ever grow up to be a Presbyterian? Is it possible, my goodness, that that flower will finally believe in the five points of Galvanism, or in the eternal damnation of man?" Is it possible that that little fairy will finally believe that she could be happy in heaven with her baby in hell? Think of it. Think of it. And that is the Christian religion.

We cry out against the Indian mother that throws her child into the Ganges to be devoured by the aligator or crocodile, but that is joy in comparison with the Christian mother's hope, that she may be in salvation while her brave boy is in hell.

I tell you