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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

An Auctioneer

An Auctioneer

getting the bronchitis, nor the second mate on a steamboat—never. What gives it to the minister is talking solemnly when they don't feel that way, and it has the same influence upon the organs of speech that it would have upon the cords of the calves of your legs to walk on your tip-toes, and so I call bronchitis "parsonitis." And if the ministers would all tell exactly what they think they would all get well, but keeping back a part of the truth is what gives them bronchitis.

Well the old man—the dear old minister—used to try and show us how long we would be in hell if we would only locate there. But to finish the other. The grand test question was :

"Boys, if it was God's will that you should go to hell, would you be willing to go?"

And every little fellow said,

"Yes, sir."

Then in order to tell how long we would stay there, he used to say,

"Suppose once