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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

They Stop Courting

They Stop Courting

when they get married. They think we have won her, and that is enough. Ah! the difference before and after! How well they looked! How bright their eyes! How light their steps, and how full they were of generosity and laughter. I tell you a man should consider himself in good luck if a woman loves him when he is doing his level best.

And another thing that is the cause of much trouble is that people don't count fairly. They do what they call putting their best foot forward. That means lying a little. I say put your worst foot forward If you have any faults admit them. If you drink, say so and quit it. If you ohew and smoke and swear, say so. If some of your kindred are not very good people, say so. If you have had two or three that died on the gallows, or that ought to have died there, say so. Tell all your faults, and if after she knows your faults she says she will have you, you have got the dead wood on that woman for ever. I claim that there should be perfect equality in the home, and cannot think of anything nearer heaven than a home where there is