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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

He Liked Her

He Liked Her,

and they started housekeeping, and they were told of certain things they might do, and of one thing they could not do—and of course they did it. I would have page 10 done it in fifteen minutes, and I know it. There wouldn't have been an apple on that tree half-an-hour from date. And then they were turned out of the park, and extra policemen were put on to keep them from getting back.

And then trouble commenced, and we have been at it ever since.

Nearly all of the religions of this world account for the existence of evil by such a story as that!

Well, I read in another book what appeared to be an account of the same transaction. It was written about four thousand years before the other. All commentators agree that the one that was written last was the original, and that the one that was written first was copied from the one that was written last. But I would advise you not to allow your creed to be disturbed by a little matter of four or five thousand years. It is a great deal better to be mistaken in dates than