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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

To Hate that God

To Hate that God

or not. Be honest. Tell them whether that God in war captured young maidens and turned them over to the soldiers; and then ask the wives and sweet girls of your congregation to get down on their knees and worship the infinite fiend that did that thing. Answer! It is your God I am talking about, and if that is what God did, please tell your congregation what, under the same circumstances, the devil would have done. Don't tell your people that is a poem, Don't tell your people that is pictorial. That won't do. Tell your people whether it is true or false. That is what I want you to do.

In this book I have read about God's making the world and one man. That is all he intended to make. The making of woman was a second thought, though I am willing to admit that as a rule second thoughts are best. This God made a man and put him in a public park. In a little while He noticed that the man got lonesome; then He found He had made a mistake, and that He would have to make someone to keep him company. But having used up all the nothing He originally used in making the world and one man, he had to take a part of a man to start a woman with. So he causes sleep to fall on this man—now, understand me, I do not say this story is true. After the sleep had fallen on this man, the Supreme Being took a rib, or, as the French would call it, a cutlet out of him, and from that He made a woman; and I am willing to swear, taking into account the amount and quality of the raw material used, this was the moat magnificent job ever accomplished in this world. Well, after He got the woman done she was brought to the man, not to see how she liked him, but to see how he liked her.