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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

I Denounce Slavery

I Denounce Slavery

and superstition everywhere. I believe in liberty and happiness and love and joy in this world. I am amazed that any man ever had the impudence to try and do another man's thinking. I have just as good a right to talk about theology as a minister. If they all agree I might admit it was a science, but as they all disagree, page 8 and the move they study the wider they get apart, I may be permitted to suggest it is not a science. When no two will tell you the road to heaven- that is, giving you the same route—and if you would inquire of them all you would just give up trying to go there, and say: I may as well stay where I am, and let the Lord come to me.

Do you know that this world has not been fit for a lady and gentleman to live in for twenty-five years, just on account of slavery. It was not until the year 1808 that Great Britian abolished the slave trade, and up to that time her judges, her priests occupying her pulpits, the members of the royal family, owned stock in the slave ships, and luxuriated upon the profits of piracy and murder. It was not until the same year that the United States of America abolished the slave trade between this and other countries, but carefully preserved it as between the states. It was not until the 28th day of August, 1833, that Great Britian abolished human slavery in her colonies, and it was not until the 1st day of January, 1863, that Abraham Lincoln, sustained by the sublime and heroic north, rendered our flag pure as the sky in which it floats.