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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 87

These Frightful Books

These Frightful Books

it seems to me sometimes as though I had suffered all these things myself. It seems sometimes as though I had stood upon the shore of exile and gazed with tearful eyes towards home and native land; it seems to me as though I had been staked out upon the sands of the sea, and drowned by the inexorable, advancing tide; as though my nails had been torn from my hands, and into the bleeding quick needles had been thrust; as though my feet had been crushed in iron boots; as though I had been chained in the cell of the Inquisition and listened with dying ears for the coming footsteps of release; as though I had been taken from my fireside, from my wife and children, to the public square, and chained; as though fagots had been piled about me; as though the flames had climbed around my limbs and scorched my eyes to blindness, and as though my ashes had been scattered to the four winds, by all the countless hands of hate. And, while I so feci, I swear that while I Iive"I will do what little I can to augment the liberties of man, woman and child.