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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 86

Fabian Tracts

Fabian Tracts.

To be obtained from the Publisher, John Heywood, Deansgate and Ridgefield, Manchester, and I Paternoster Buildings, London; or from the Secretary at above address.

No. I.—Why are the Many Poor? 75th thousand. Price 6 for 1d.; 1s. per 100.

No. 5.—Facts for Socialists. A survey of the distribution of income and the condition of classes in England, gathered from official returns, and from the works of economists and statisticians. . 25th thousand. 16 pp., 1d.; or 9d. per doz.

No. 7.—Capital and Land. A similar survey of the distribution of property, with a criticism of the distinction sometimes set up between Land and Capital as instruments of production. 10th thousand. 16 pp., 1d.; or 9d. per doz.

No. 8.—Facts for Londoners. An exhaustive collection of statistical and other information relating to the County and City of London, with suggestions for Municipal Reform on Socialist principles. 5th thousand. 56 pp., 6d.; or 4/6 per doz.

No. 9.—An Eight Hours Bill. Full notes explain the Trade Option clause and precedents on which the Bill is founded. A list of literature dealing with the hours of labor is appended. 20th thous. l6 pp., 1d.; or 9d. per doz.

No. 10.—Figures for Londoners (a short abstract of No. 8). 20th thousani 4 pp., 6 for 1d.; 1s. per 100.

No. 11.—The workers' Political Programme fully explains the politics of to-day from the working class point of view, and gives questions to put to Parliamentary candidates. 20th thousand. 20 pp., 1d.; or 9d. per doz.

No. 12.—Practicable Land Nationalization. A brief statement of practical proposals for immediate reform. 20th thousand. 4 pp., 6 for 1d.; or 1s. per 100

No. 13—What Socialism 1s. A short exposition of the aim of Socialists. 30th thousand. 4 pp., 6 for 1d.; or 1s. per 100.

No. 14.—The New Reform Bill. A draft Act of Parliament providing for Adult Suffrage, Payment of Members and their election expenses, Second Ballot, and a thorough system of Registration. 15th thousand. 20 pp. 1d.; or 9d. per doz.

No. 15.—English Progress towards Social Democracy. The evolution of English Society, with explanation of Socialism. 10th thous. 16 pp., 1d.; 9d. doz.

No. 16.—A Plea for an Eight Hours Bill. A brief answer to objectors. 50th thousand. 4 pp., 6 for 1d.; 1s. per 100.

No. 17.—Reform of the Poor Law. Facts as to pauperism, with proposais for pensions for the aged, and other Socialist reforms. 20 pp., 1d.; 9d. per doz.

No. 18.—Facts for Bristol (in preparation).

No. 19.—What the Farm Laborer wants. 4 pp. 6 for 1d.; or 1/-per 100.

No. 20.—Poor Law Guardians : Questions for Candidates. 4 pp. 6 for 1d.; or 1/- per 100.

pointer The set post free for eighteen pence. pointer

The Lectube List, containing the names of eighty-five lecturers, who offer their services gratuitously, may be obtained on application to the Secretary. Upwards of 1000 lectures were delivered by members during the year ended in March, 1890.