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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 85


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Part I. Chief Purposes of Scientific Instruction.
1. Bionomic 3
2. Intellectual 4
3. Technical 5
4. Professorial 8
Unnecessary Difficulties 11
Science and Religion 15
Part II. Modus Operandi.
Preliminary Data and Remarks 18
Distribution of Time and Subjects 20
Grade I. Bionomic Course 21
Grade I. Cosmographie Course 23
Grade II. Bionomic Course 26
Grade II. Cosmographie Course 29
Period III. 31
Part III. Working Details. Synopsis of Subjects and Teaching Time.
Prefatory Remarks 33
Tabular Synopses.
Period I. 34
Period II. 35
Period III. 36page 2
Origin of the Bionomic Curriculum 37
Notes on the Bionomic Course.
Elementary Division.
Mechanical Physics 41
Chemical Physics 43
Chemistry 44
Natural History 49
Physiology 54
Applied Division 55
Aids to Science Teaching.
The Binary System of Instruction 58
Open-handed Examinations 59