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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 85

Natural History. — Comprising Mineralogy, Botany and Zoology

Natural History.

Comprising Mineralogy, Botany and Zoology.

On referring to the Synopsis, Period I., it will be seen that taking advantage of the proposed Cosmographic Course, I have transferred to it that preparatory study page 50 of the Three Kingdoms which is necessary for understanding the resources of Domestic Economy and Hygiene, thereby lightening a little the studies of the Bionomic Course. Lithology, the branch of Mineralogy which embraces the study of the Rocks, comes in appropriately at the beginning of the second year, after Geology has related their supposed mode of formation,—after Chemistry, in the Bionomic Course, has introduced their constant elements, and before the applied Division of that Course has occasion for studying these rocky masses as Building Stone. It will further be seen that Botany occupies the last term of every school-year, so as to have the benefit of the season when vegetation flourishes, and Practical Diagnosis can be made an entertainment; the preparatory studies of Organography and Physiology having been gone through in the second term of the first school-year.