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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 85



The Human Skeleton. The Composition and Structure of Bone. Histological details.

The Nervous System.—The Blood; Circulation. Respiration.—Nutrition; Food in the Mouth, in the Stomach, and in the Intestinal Canal. Digestive Secretions. Action of the Liver. Absorption and Assimilation. The Lymphatic System.—The function of the Kidneys.

The Senses:—The Organs of Sight, of Hearing, of Smell, of Taste and of Touch.—The Skin as an Organ of Secretion.—The Nails and the Hair.—Concluding remarks.

Considering the favorable success of the two Lectures on Physiology which conclude my "Science made Easy" series, and the convenience of having a corresponding set of 16 Diagrams, I think I may venture to propose their use in the first Period. For the second, a more authoritative, as well as more comprehensive work will be desirable.