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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 85


The following assumptions are not by any means obligatory, but may afford a standard of guidance in adapting the proposed curriculum to Schools variously organized.

—The Boys enter the School, after a preliminary examination in the subjects commonly known as "English," about the completion of their 10th year, and leave about the completion of their 17th year.

—To the seven years of the course of studies correspond, under normal progress, seven Classes or Stages of ordinary and of scientific studies; but the two series are reckoned quite independently of each other.

—There are three terms of about thirteen weeks each in the scholastic year, beginning respectively in September, January and April.

—The minimum of Teaching-time allowed for Science may be reckoned at 4 hours per week, making about 52 hours per Term, and 156 per year. The time of the day must be arranged to suit the convenience of the Professors. Assuming the foregoing rate, each of the two Courses indicated in this Synopsis as proceeding contemporaneously, will have two hours per week, and as one of them is divided into two Sub-series, each of these latter will have only one hour per week.

—The scientific Curriculum is divided into three Periods; the 1st embracing two years, the 2nd three years, and the 3rd again two years. In some schools it may be found preferable to allot four years to the second Period.