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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 85

Period III

Period III.

The appropriation of the two last years of scientific studies, will considerably depend on the progress secured in the foregoing ones. It may possibly be found necessary to recapitulate the previous instruction, mixing with it facta and explanations which may have been before omitted as not sufficiently easy; and this together with an extension of laboratory research in Chemistry and Physics, may demand considerable time; more so perhaps as regards the subjects of the Bionomic; than those of the Cosmographic Series. If, however, the pupils should be found to be sufficiently well grounded in both these series of subjects, it may be expedient to devote a considerable part of the third Period to the more advanced pursuits which I have described in a former part of this Memorandum, in speaking of Technical and Professorial Purposes. In this matter one should be guided by the aptitudes and predilections of the students, by their prospects, and in some measure by the capabilities of the scientific staff, and the resources at their command.

I have not yet mentioned Social Science, though it is indicated in your draft. The fact is that both as regards the natural classification of subjects, and also with a view to the more convenient distribution of professorships, Social Science, or rather the Social Sciences, should not be wedged into the closely packed ranks of the Physical Sciences. To explain how a more appropriate place should be provided, must be reserved for some future opportunity, and indeed is scarcely page 32 necessary, for I feel confident from the judicious and conciliatory spirit with which you have overcome the chief obstacles, that you will have no difficulty in so adjusting the various claims of the moral, philological, physical and other departments, as to make them all harmonize for mutual benefit and support.

P.S. Comprehensive indications of the various lines of advanced scientific knowledge required for responsible positions or leading professorships in the industrial world, and towards which collegiate or academic studies might be made to tend, will be found in my volume on "Technical Training" (8vo. 457 pages, Macmillan, 1874). It contains also in Chapter II. a few remarks on Science in Female Education, a subject not touched upon in the present Memorandum owing to its origin in connexion with the Spring Grove College for Boys.