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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 85

Sub-series B

Sub-series B.

Natural History, to include as before, Mineralogy, Botany and Zoology. The mineralogical, or rather lithological knowledge acquired in the first Course, will probably only require cursory revision, but the review should be extended to Mineralogy proper, by including a selection of well-defined Mineral Types, such as the Onyx and the Opal, the Labrador Felspar, the Iceland Spar (double refracting Calcspar), the Tourmaline and Asbestos. Zoology may be rather abridged than extended in the process of revision, excepting the introduction of a few select notions of Comparative Anatomy.—By thus keeping down as much as possible the first and third of the three Kingdoms of Nature, more time will become available for Botany. This Science, besides the indispensable guidance it affords in studying the economic and medical resources of Daily Life, is so valuable a mental recreation for those who are in a position to command time and opportunities for its pursuit, it adds so much to the interest of Travel, and tends so much to promote the love of classification and methodical order at Home, that I would suggest its being considerably developed; the more so as it is, when suitably taught, a com- page 31 paratively light subject, and one which like laboratory practice, if brought in as the last of the obligatory studies of the day, will often spin itself out into spontaneous pursuit.