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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

The Eighth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

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The Eighth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago.

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Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

The. Committee of Management have much pleasure in laying before Members the Eighth Annual Report of the Institute. The various recommendations and proposals adopted at the Annual Meeting and submitted to the Committee have been fully considered.

Outside this business nothing of importance has been under consideration during the year. The Committee have to report on the resolutions concerning

The New Zealand Educational Institute.

Messrs. W. S. Fitzgerald, W. Milne, J. Reid, and D. White were nominated to attend the Auckland Council. Mr. J. Reid was, unfortunately unable to attend, and Mr. Hislop was elected to take his place. All the Otago delegates were present, and report that the Auckland meeting was very successful. The resolutions sent by the Otago District Institute were carried, and have since been forwarded to the Hon. the Minister for Education, who states that they are receiving careful consideration. The resolutions with respect to Teachers' Certificates have been before the Senate of the New Zealand University, but final consideration of the subject has been deferred until next meeting of the Senate. A full account of the proceedings of the Institute Meeting at Auckland will be laid before the Annual Meeting.

Resolution Respecting Teachers on the Goldfields.

The resolutions asking for a special allowance to Teachers on the Goldfields was sent to the Education Board, and the page 4 Committee were informed that the Board could not see its way to make any alterations in the present system of payment.

Time of Teachers' Examinations.

At the suggestion of the Institute, the Education Department has arranged that the Annual Examination for Classes D and E be held towards the middle or end of December, instead of in the month of February as heretofore.

The Instruction of Pupil Teachers.

The resolutions bearing on this subject were sent to the local Associations, and their replies will be found in the reports of the Branch Institutes.

Illustrative Teaching.

The Committee made inquiry of the head masters of the City schools as to the assistance they could give in carrying out the recommendation of the Institute. None of them were disposed to keep their schools open during the Conference week, and thus, so far as the large schools were concerned, the scheme was found to be impracticable. The Committee thought, however, that keeping the Model School open whilst the Institute is sitting would probably meet the case, and give country teachers an opportunity of seeing the organization and working of the School. With this view application was made to the Secretary of the Education Board, who states that under present circumstances it would be inexpedient to keep the School open during the time mentioned. No other course being open to the Committee, the idea of giving practical effect to the resolution had to beabandoned.

Branch Reports.

The Branch Reports show, on the whole, an increase of Membership The Tapanui Branch has ceased to exist, and a few Teachers in that District have attached themselves to the Institute without being connected with any Branch.

Roll of Membership.

In accordance with the resolution of the last year, a list of Members has been prepared, and will be laid before the Annual Meeting. This docs not by any means include all who are in connection with the Institute, but represents those only who have paid their subscriptions up to date.

The Treasurer reports a balance of £20 10s.

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Receipts. 1884.£ S.d.June 16.—To Balance14610July 1., Tapanui Branch for year ending June, 18840176, Members unconnected with any Branch ...100, Proceeds of Conversazione81661885.May 7.—To Tapanui Branch for year ending 18850100May 13. To Milton Branch for year ending 18852100May 30. To Lawrence Branch for year ending 18852100June 8. To Balclutha Branch for year ending 18852100June 13. To Dunedin Branch for year ending 1885II150June 13 To Oamaru Branch for year ending 18850120£457 10 1884.Expenditure.£s.d.June 21.—By Coulls, Culling & Co.. printing 250 circulars0140July 5.—ByMorning Herald Advertising0120 July 5—ByStar Herald Advertising 090 July 5—ByOtago Daily Times Advertising 0150 July 5—ByRent Stuart-st Hall, 3 days0150 July 5—ByScoullar & Co., Rent of chairs ...z00 July 5—ByIncidental Expenses Rent of Hall, Rattray-st.0176 July 19—By 4100Aug. 2—ByCoulls, Culling & Co., printing Reports, &c.590 Aug. 2—ByHorsburgh's Account Stamps ...226 Aug. 2—BySecretary, stationery, stamps, &c.1310 1885. June—By 14. Horsburgh, stamps, Sec. 2159 June 14.—BySecretary, stamps, &c.0143 June 15—ByPayment to the Council of the N.Z. Institute for three Representatives for year 1883-4, at 1 os. Payment to the Council for three Representatives for year 1884-5, ot 10s. ...1100 June 15—By 1100 June 15—ByBalance20100£45710

Educational Institute of Otago.

Balance Sheet for Year 1884-85.

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Rules and Regulations.

The Rules and Regulations of the Institute have been revised and are printed along with the general report.

Minutes of Proceedings.

The Committee did not consider it advisable to print the minutes of proceedings as directed by the Institute, as most of the business transacted at the Anuual Meeting usually re-appears in the Report of the succeeding year.

The Annual Meeting.

The Railway arrangements are as hitherto. Members in attendance at the Conference will receive tickets, and on these being presented at the Education Office, half of the travelling fares will be refunded. The Committee of Management have to thank Mr. Pryde for his kindness in assisting to make the meeting of the Institute a success.

D. White

, Secretary

W. J. Moore

, Treasurer.

Annual Report of the Tuapeka Branch.

In submitting this our Annual Report for the year ending May, 1885, I have but little of interest to communicate.

Owing to the many changes which have taken place in this district during the year, we are not able to show a large financial membership. Last year I returned eleven members, but this year I can return only ten, as three or four have left.

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We have held seven meetings during the year just ended, at which, in addition to interesting conversations on matters pertaining to our profession, we had able papers on "The Present Position," by Mr. Macandrew; and "Order and Attention." by Mr. Allnutt.

We also had a discussion on the massing of Pupil-teachers for purposes of instruction, and resolved "that while recognising the utility of massing Pupil-teachers for instruction, it is not at all practicable in country districts such as this."

Robert Neill

, Secretary.

Annual Report of the Balclutha Branch.

This Branch has held six meetings during the year, but on account of several changes of teachers taking place in the district, and also the fact that some of the schools have their holidays at Christmas, while others have theirs during the Harvest, the attendance has been interfered with, although on the whole it has been very fair.

The number of papers read during the year has been less than previously, there being only one, by Mr John Nicholson, on "Are the Requirements of the Syllabus Excessive, and Calculated to Overstrain the Mental Faculties of Children?" Suggestions from the General Committee of Management of the Otago Educational Institute, and various subjects of educational importance have, however, been discussed at our meetings.

Three members have left the district during the year, but as two have only recently gone, their successors have hardly had an opportunity of attending.

William Renton

, Secretary.
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Annual Reoort of the Milton Branch.

I have the honour to submit the following report of the Milton Branch for the year ending May, 1885 :—

Four meetings were held during the year, and were fairly attended.

Mr. Mahoney was appointed to read a paper in August. His subject was "Fifth and Sixth Standard Work." The attendance at this meeting being small, it was decided to have the paper published in the Educational and Literary Monthly. In October a discussion was held on the Pupil-teacher system; and in April, "Are there Inducements to Cramming Offered by the New Zealand System of Education?" was the subject of a paper by Mr. McElrea. At the last meeting Mr. J. E Brown read an essay, his subject being "The Old System of Education Compared with the New."

The following resolution was passed, with reference to the Pupil-teacher system:—"That this Branch considers the massing of Pupil-teachers for instruction worthy of a fair trial in centres where they can be massed."

The Annual Picnic was held in February at Balclutha, the Teachers of that district having invited our Branch to a trip round the Island. The weather was splendid, and the Picnic proved a complete success.

The Branch has now ten financial members.

W. McElrea

, Secretary.
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Annual Report of the Waitaki Branch.

During the past year this Branch has met eleven times. On the whole the attendance has been satisfactory, although the hour for meeting, which has been changed from 1 p.m. to 1.30 p.m., does not seem so suitable as was at first expected.

Only one paper has been read during the year, but at each occasion of meeting subjects of more or less importance from a professional point of view, have been fully discussed.

Two papers were contributed by members of the Branch to the midwinter meeting of the parent Institute, one by Mrs. McLymont, President of the Branch, the other by Mr. Tyndall.

A picnic was held by the Branch at Elderslie, by the kind permission of Mr. Reid, which was much enjoyed by those who were present.

Wm. Parley

, Secretary.

Annual Report of the Dunedin Branch.

During the past year eight meetings have been held—two being evening meetings. Six meetings were taken up in considering the Pupil-teacher Regulations, Massing of Pupil-teachers for Instruction, and the Rules and Regulations forming the Constitution of the N. Z. Educational Institute. At the March page 10 meeting, a discussion took place on the work of the six standards, and it was proved by the Educational Reports that no Province had been able to overtake the work in six years. The Branch came to the conclusion that it is desirable to re-arrange the work for seven standards.

The following members have given papers or introduced, discussions during the year:—Messrs. Wilkinson (President), Fitzgerald, Earle, and A. Barrett.

Mr. Wilkinson had promised to read a paper at the Annual Meeting on behalf of the Branch, but has since had imperative orders from his medical adviser to abstain from all mental work.

There has been a slight increase of membership during the past year. Appended are the names of those who have handed in their subscriptions. Many others would doubtless have paid had they the same opportunities.

J. Jeffery

, Secretary.
page 11

Rules &; Regultions of the Educational Institute of Otago.

I—Constitution of the Institute.

The Institute shall consist of teachers in the Government schools. Other persons may be admitted to membership in accordance with the provisions of Rule VI.

II.—Officers of the Institute.

The officers of the Institute shall consist of a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Librarian who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Institute, and shall hold office for one year. Vacancies shall be filled by the Committee of Management. All elections shall be determined by ballot.

III.—The Committee of Management.

The Committee of Management shall consist of (1) the officers, a representative of each of the Branch Associations, and five members chosen at the annual meeting of the Institute. (2) The Committee shall conduct the business of the Institute, and shall prepare and submit to the annual meeting a report of the proceedings, and abstract of accounts for the year. These shall be printed and circulated amongst members at least one week before the annual meeting. (3) The Committee shall meet quarterly, in the months of February, May, August, and November. Special meetings may be called by the Secretary. Six members shall form a quorum.

IV.—The Annual Meetin.

The annual meeting shall be held at such time and place as the Institute shall determine.

V.—Terms and Conditions of Members.

(1) Candidates for membership, not being teachers, must be nominated by two members, either at a regular meeting of any local association or annual meeting of the Institute, on receiving a vote by ballot of at least two-thirds of the members page 12 present. (2) Members shall not be permitted to exercise the privilege of membership until they have paid the annual subscription. (3) Members shall pay to the Treasurer of their Branch, or in the case of those not attached to any Branch, to the Treasurer of the Institute, the sum of 5s. per annum.

VI.—The Library.

The library shall be under the control of the Committee of Management.

VII.—Branch Associations.

Branch Associations shall be formed throughout the Education District. The following are the Branches of the Institute :—Dunedin, Oamaru, Milton, Balclutha, Lawrence, and Tapanui. (1) The Committee of Management may sanction the establishment of other Branches. (2) Officers of Branch Associations—The officers of Branch Associations shall consist of a President, a Secretary, Treasurer, and Librarian. (3) Meetings—Branch Associations shall meet monthly on the first Saturday of the month; hold their annual meetings one month before the annual meeting of the Institute, and prepare and send to the Secretary of the Institute their annual report and abstract of accounts. (4) The annual subscription of 5s. per annum per member paid to the Branch Association shall be remitted to the Treasurer of the Institute. (5) Branch Associations may, in order to defray local expenses, impose an additional subscription beyond the amount payable to the Treasurer of the Institute.

VIII.—Relation of Branch Associations to the Institute.

(I) Members of the Institute shall be regarded as belonging to the Branch in the District where they reside, and shall pay the annual subscription to the Treasurer of that Branch, but a teacher residing at an inconvenient distance from a Branch centre may become a member of the Institute on payment of the annual subscription to the Treasurer of the Institute. (2) A member of one Branch Association may attend and take part in, but shall not necessarily have the privilege of voting at the meetings of another Association.

IX.—Conduct and Order of Business.

All debates and proceedings of meetings of the Institute and its Branches shall be conducted according to the rules and regulations usually recognised by deliberative bodies.

X.—Additional Bye-Laws.

Branch Associations may adopt other bye-laws for the conduct of business, provided they contain nothing contrary to the general rules of the Institute.