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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

page 4

Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

The. Committee of Management have much pleasure in laying before Members the Eighth Annual Report of the Institute. The various recommendations and proposals adopted at the Annual Meeting and submitted to the Committee have been fully considered.

Outside this business nothing of importance has been under consideration during the year. The Committee have to report on the resolutions concerning

The New Zealand Educational Institute.

Messrs. W. S. Fitzgerald, W. Milne, J. Reid, and D. White were nominated to attend the Auckland Council. Mr. J. Reid was, unfortunately unable to attend, and Mr. Hislop was elected to take his place. All the Otago delegates were present, and report that the Auckland meeting was very successful. The resolutions sent by the Otago District Institute were carried, and have since been forwarded to the Hon. the Minister for Education, who states that they are receiving careful consideration. The resolutions with respect to Teachers' Certificates have been before the Senate of the New Zealand University, but final consideration of the subject has been deferred until next meeting of the Senate. A full account of the proceedings of the Institute Meeting at Auckland will be laid before the Annual Meeting.

Resolution Respecting Teachers on the Goldfields.

The resolutions asking for a special allowance to Teachers on the Goldfields was sent to the Education Board, and the page 4 Committee were informed that the Board could not see its way to make any alterations in the present system of payment.

Time of Teachers' Examinations.

At the suggestion of the Institute, the Education Department has arranged that the Annual Examination for Classes D and E be held towards the middle or end of December, instead of in the month of February as heretofore.

The Instruction of Pupil Teachers.

The resolutions bearing on this subject were sent to the local Associations, and their replies will be found in the reports of the Branch Institutes.

Illustrative Teaching.

The Committee made inquiry of the head masters of the City schools as to the assistance they could give in carrying out the recommendation of the Institute. None of them were disposed to keep their schools open during the Conference week, and thus, so far as the large schools were concerned, the scheme was found to be impracticable. The Committee thought, however, that keeping the Model School open whilst the Institute is sitting would probably meet the case, and give country teachers an opportunity of seeing the organization and working of the School. With this view application was made to the Secretary of the Education Board, who states that under present circumstances it would be inexpedient to keep the School open during the time mentioned. No other course being open to the Committee, the idea of giving practical effect to the resolution had to beabandoned.

Branch Reports.

The Branch Reports show, on the whole, an increase of Membership The Tapanui Branch has ceased to exist, and a few Teachers in that District have attached themselves to the Institute without being connected with any Branch.

Roll of Membership.

In accordance with the resolution of the last year, a list of Members has been prepared, and will be laid before the Annual Meeting. This docs not by any means include all who are in connection with the Institute, but represents those only who have paid their subscriptions up to date.

The Treasurer reports a balance of £20 10s.

page 5
Receipts. 1884.£ S.d.June 16.—To Balance14610July 1., Tapanui Branch for year ending June, 18840176, Members unconnected with any Branch ...100, Proceeds of Conversazione81661885.May 7.—To Tapanui Branch for year ending 18850100May 13. To Milton Branch for year ending 18852100May 30. To Lawrence Branch for year ending 18852100June 8. To Balclutha Branch for year ending 18852100June 13. To Dunedin Branch for year ending 1885II150June 13 To Oamaru Branch for year ending 18850120£457 10 1884.Expenditure.£s.d.June 21.—By Coulls, Culling & Co.. printing 250 circulars0140July 5.—ByMorning Herald Advertising0120 July 5—ByStar Herald Advertising 090 July 5—ByOtago Daily Times Advertising 0150 July 5—ByRent Stuart-st Hall, 3 days0150 July 5—ByScoullar & Co., Rent of chairs ...z00 July 5—ByIncidental Expenses Rent of Hall, Rattray-st.0176 July 19—By 4100Aug. 2—ByCoulls, Culling & Co., printing Reports, &c.590 Aug. 2—ByHorsburgh's Account Stamps ...226 Aug. 2—BySecretary, stationery, stamps, &c.1310 1885. June—By 14. Horsburgh, stamps, Sec. 2159 June 14.—BySecretary, stamps, &c.0143 June 15—ByPayment to the Council of the N.Z. Institute for three Representatives for year 1883-4, at 1 os. Payment to the Council for three Representatives for year 1884-5, ot 10s. ...1100 June 15—By 1100 June 15—ByBalance20100£45710

Educational Institute of Otago.

Balance Sheet for Year 1884-85.

page 6

Rules and Regulations.

The Rules and Regulations of the Institute have been revised and are printed along with the general report.

Minutes of Proceedings.

The Committee did not consider it advisable to print the minutes of proceedings as directed by the Institute, as most of the business transacted at the Anuual Meeting usually re-appears in the Report of the succeeding year.

The Annual Meeting.

The Railway arrangements are as hitherto. Members in attendance at the Conference will receive tickets, and on these being presented at the Education Office, half of the travelling fares will be refunded. The Committee of Management have to thank Mr. Pryde for his kindness in assisting to make the meeting of the Institute a success.

D. White

, Secretary

W. J. Moore

, Treasurer.