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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

The Mark System. IV

The Mark System. IV.

The following are the Rules for Boys' Marks and Pay recently approved by the Committee of The Boys' Home, Regent's


Every boy in the Home can earn by good conduct a mark each day. After a quarter's probation, he can, with these marks, earn a red star each quarter, and four stars will be exchanged for a red stripe. On earning a stripe and another star a boy becomes a G. C. B. (good conduct boy); on earning two stripes and a star he becomes a Truro boy, if he be over fourteen years of age. Two red stripes will be exchanged for a silver one.

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(a)Spending Money.—One penny a month will be paid on each star, but no boy will receive a monthly payment of more than eightpence a month.
(b)Trade Money.—In addition to the marks mentioned above, every boy of fourteen years of age or over will be able to earn either one, two, or three trade-marks each week, to be given by the Master of his shop, according to the excellence of his work. Por every trade-mark earned twopence will be added to the boy's bank account, to be given to him after he leaves the Home: one-third at six months, one-third at nine months, and one-third at twelve months, provided ho maintains a thoroughly satisfactory character.
(c)Extra, Outfit Money.—Two shillings a month will be put away from the time of a boy becoming a G.C.B.; and four shillings a month from his becoming a Truro boy. This money (called 'extra outfit money') will be spent on additional clothing (or on tools) after the boy has left the Home, partly at the end of a month and partly at the end of the first year. Those who enter the Army bands will receive this money in cash, in four half-yearly payments. It must he distinctly understood that the 'extra outfit money' (as well as the 'trade money') will he withheld for a time, or altogether, if the hoy's character he not perfectly satisfactory;all the above pay being entirely under the control of the Committee.

This 'extra outfit money' is in addition to the clothes with which a boy is furnished at the time of his leaving the Home, usually of the value of £2 10s.


If a boy lose four out of the twenty-eight marks for a month, half his month's pay will be stopped; if eight marks, all his month's pay; if twelve marks, his Sunday out will be stopped. If twenty marks be lost out of the quarterly eighty-four, no star will be given; if thirty be lost, a star already earned will be taken away.

By the above Rules a boy's earnings may amount to a sum varying from £5 to as much as £10, according to his length of service, beside the spending money that he will have received in the Home; but to do this both work and conduct must be good throughout.

Each quarter a list will be put up showing every boy's account of earnings as 'trade money' and 'extra outfit money.'

These Rules will begin from 1st of January, 1885; meanwhile, every boy of over fourteen who has two red stripes and one red star is to be reckoned a Truro boy; every boy who has one stripe and a star, a G.C.B.