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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

Books Received

page 16

Books Received.

"Zoological Photographs." By Joseph Hassell, A.K.C. 166 pages, small 8vo. London: Sunday School Union, Old Bailey, 2s. 6d. Mr. Hassell's happy manner of convoying information to the mind of the young is so well known among the managers of Refuges, Reformatories, and Industrial Schools, that wo hardly need commend his hook from this point of view. His attempt to popularize the study of zoology, must bo pronounced a decided success. The illustrations are numerous and well-selected, and the subject matter of the book, while calculated to fascinate the young, will we predict, be read with considerable interest by many, who, if not actually old, are at least old enough to teach and train the young. We are glad to know that a cheaper edition is about to be produced, if it is not already in the market.

"Sunshine:" Edited by Rev. W. M. Whittemore, D.D. 188 pages, imperial 8vo. London: George Stoneman, Paternoster Row, Is. 6d. This Annual for Children, though not so well known as some of its contemporaries, is of considerable merit. It has little of interest for the very young, but the tales and contents generally aro carefully prepared for older children, and are suitable for week-day or Sunday reading. The illustrations aro fairly good, though the general get up" and finish of the annual is capable of considerable improvement, to bring it to the level of what is now expected of such publications.

"The Autocrat of the Nursery:" By L. T. Meade. 174 pages, small folio, London: Hodder & Stoughton, Paternoster Row, 5s. The first thing that strikes one on looking at this book is the exquisite taste and care which has been bestowed upon both the binding and the letter-press; examining next the illustrations we observe that they are by T. Pym, and in the best stylo of that artist. Some of the incidents recorded may seem a little unnatural, but this will be readily overlooked in a book in every other respect so attractive, that it will for a long time be one of the prettiest and most welcome gifts that can be presented to the young folks.

"Bible Light:" 140 pages, 8vo. London: John F. Shaw & Co., Paternoster Row. This annual of Biblical exposition will be valued by Christian workers and teachers. Several interesting questions are discussed in its pages. The publication is carefully preserved from denominational bias. The "Enquirer's page" is a good feature in the serial.

Charity Moore:" By Lina Orman-Cooper. 130 pages, small 8vo. London: Hodder & Stoughton, Paternoster Row, 1s. 6d. In this story of a child left one snowy night at a Workhouse door, Mrs. Orman-Cooper has been successful in showing how happy and useful a life may be that has commenced under most unpromising circumstances, and she has done this without resorting to any extraordinary or unreasonable flights of fancy. The Matron of the Workhouse is depicted according to the usual conception of such officials; but we hope that type of unsympathetic character is less common than it once was. The illustrations by T. Pym are an additional attraction to a pretty story, which takes Charity through many trials and leaves her in possession of a humble, peaceful homo, where God is feared and loved.

Messrs. William Colins, Sons & Co., Limited, Glasgow, have issued the second book," and the "third book" of their Improved Illustrated Readers." Book II. contains 160 pages, forty lessons, and nineteen illustrations. Book III. contains 192 pages, sixty lessons, and twenty illustrations. They are published at the remarkably low price of 7d. and 8d. respectively. The lessons are such as are likely to interest the young, the words are judiciously selected, the spelling difficulties being simplified by a careful process of classification. The "summary" which is appended to each lesson will be found useful for dictation or transcription.

Newspaper Stories." By J. Forbes Moncrieff. Glasgow: Chas. Glass & Co. There is an eagerness in the young of a certain age to hear something out of the newspaper, and the writer of this little address avails himself of this fact to impart, by the narration of several striking incidents that have appeared in the newspapers, some practical truths and moral lessons affecting daily life. Another address to young men and women, by the same author, has recently been published, entitled, Look to the End."