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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

(9.) Scholarships, District High Schools

(9.) Scholarships, District High Schools.

Board may establish scholarships.

51. The Board may, with the concurrence of the Minister, from time to time, out of funds made specially applicable for the purpose, establish scholarships to be competed for by the pupils attending any public school, and also scholarships open to all children of school age, in such manner and at such times as shall be fixed by regulations to be made under this Act.

The successful competitor for any such scholarship shall receive the amount of his or her scholarship only so long as he or she shall continue his or her education at any school or educational institution under the control of the Board at which the higher branches of education are taught, but, if there be no such school or institution in the district where the holder of the scholarship resides, then at such school, subject to inspection by a Public School Inspector, as the Board may approve of.

Board may [unclear: sceive] land or [unclear: loney] for [unclear: undation] of scholarships.

52. The Board may receive grants of land or money, to be applied towards founding scholarships or exhibitions, or for other educational purposes in connection with any public school within a district, and such land or money shall be vested in the Board for the specific purposes declared in the grant.

Who may [unclear: mpete] for scholarship.

53. Subject to any special trust, every scholarship or exhibition in the last preceding section mentioned shall be open to any child on the roll of such school; and in the event of any school for which a scholarship or exhibition is founded being discontinued, the Minister may direct that the scholarship or exhibition shall attach to some other public school in the district.

[unclear: oard] may make [unclear: gulations] for scholarships.

54. The Board may make regulations under which scholarships or exhibitions founded by any private individual or society may be competed for and held at any public school within the district.

[unclear: strict] high [unclear: hools] may be established by [unclear: sard].

55. Any Board, on receiving an application in writing from the Committee, may, with the express sanction of the Minister previously obtained, convert any public school in the district into and establish the same as a district high school.
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Every grammar school or high school at or immediately before the coming into operation of this Act under the charge of any School Committee or Education Board, by virtue of the provisions of any Provincial Ordinance or Act hereby repealed, shall, unless otherwise provided, be deemed to be a district high school under this Act.

56. Every such district high school shall be under the charge

Course of instruction in high schools.

of a head master, and such number of duly-qualified masters and assistants as the Board shall from time to time consider necessary.

All the branches of a liberal education, comprising Latin and Greek classics, French and other modern languages, mathematics, and such other branches of science as the advancement of the colony and the increase of the population may from time to time require, may be taught in such school. For such higher education fees shall be paid by the pupils at such rates as shall be fixed by regulations.

In every district high school instruction shall also be given in the ordinary branches of education prescribed by this Act to be given in public schools.

57. In the various school districts the Board may from time

School libraries may be established.

to time expend in the purchase of books, to be placed in the school library, any sum or sums of money equal to any sum or sums of money which shall have been raised by public subscription or otherwise within such school district.

The Board shall make such provision as may seem fit for the safe custody and care of such books and for the use thereof.

The word "book" in this section shall be deemed to include all works of art, and all scientific apparatus which may be required for the purpose of illustration in lectures, and all specimens of natural history for the formation of museums.