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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

(8.) Appointment of Teachers

(8.) Appointment of Teachers.

Appointment and removal of teachers.

45. The Board of each district shall be entitled to appoint teachers for every school under its control, or to remove such teachers from one school to any other school within the district, but no person shall be eligible for appointment who does not produce a certificate of competency from the Minister of Education, and such other certificates of fitness as shall be required by any regulations that may hereafter be made under this Act.

But in case a certificated teacher cannot be obtained for any school or schools, a person not duly certificated may be temporarily appointed until a certificated teacher can be obtained.

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Certificates of competency will be issued to teachers after examination held in such manner as may be prescribed by regulations to be made as hereinafter provided.

Provided that the Committee may recommend teachers to the Board for appointment, and may also recommend the suspension or dismissal of any such teacher; but no appointment, suspension, or dismissal shall take place until the Committee have been first consulted.

46. All teachers of schools at or immediately before the

Teachers of schools in office to continue in ssame.

coming into operation of this Act holding office under the provisions of any Ordinance or Act hereby repealed shall, subject to any express provisions of this Act, continue to hold such office as if this Act had not come into operation.
47. No school teacher appointed, or whose appointment is

Duration of appointment of school teacher.

confirmed under this Act, shall be at liberty to relinquish his said engagement without giving to the Chairman of the Committee, and also to the Secretary of the Board under which he holds his appointment, at least one month's notice in writing of his intention to do so; and such engagement shall not be determined by any Board except on giving three months' notice, signed by its Secretary.
Nothing contained in this Act shall preclude or prevent

Summary dismissal in certain cases.

the Committee from suspending, and the Board from peremptorily dismissing, any school teacher for immoral conduct or gross behaviour.
48. The teacher's occupation of the schoolhouse and land

Teacher's occupation of schoolhouse.

attached thereto, or teacher's house, if one be provided, is hereby declared to be an occupancy by sufferance only.
49. In case a teacher shall refuse or neglect to deliver up

Proceedings against a teacher refusing to give up schoolhouse on demand.

possession of the schoolhousc and land attached, or of the house, as the case may be, after demand in writing made by or on behalf of the Board, the Resident Magistrate whose Court shall be nearest to the locality shall, on the application of the Board, issue a warrant to the Bailiff of the Court, commanding him to enter into the premises and give possession of the same to the Board.

Every such warrant may and shall be enforced as a warrant issued under the ninetieth section of "The Resident Magistrates Act, 1867," and the ninety-first, ninety-second, and ninety-third sections of that Act shall apply to warrants issued under the foregoing provisions.

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Pupil-teachers may be employed.

50. The Board of any district may engage and employ any number of apprentice pupil-teachers, subject to such regulations for the examination, training, employment, and payment of such pupil-teachers as may be made from time to time.