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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

Part I. — Department of Education

Part I.

Department of Education.

[unclear: Minister of Education]

6. The Governor may from time to time appoint any Minister of the Crown to be Minister of Education.
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The Minister shall have the control and direction of the Department of Education, as constituted under Part I. of this Act, and the officers of that department, and, subject to the provisions hereinafter contained, shall generally administer this Act.

7. The Governor may from time to time appoint and remove

Secretary and Inspector and officers of Department [unclear: of] Education

a Secretary to the Department of Education, and such Inspector of Schools, clerks, and other officers as may be deemed necessary.
8. All moneys required for the administration of this Act by

Expenses of administering department to appropriated by general Assembly

the department shall be defrayed out of moneys to be from time to time appropriated by the General Assembly for the following purposes:—
(1.)In payment of salaries and other expenses of the Department of Education.
(2.)In payment to the Board of every district of a sum of three pounds fifteen shillings for each child in average daily attendance at a public school, such average daily attendance to be computed in manner prescribed by regulations.
(3.)For the establishment and maintenance of normal or training schools, and in grants to Boards for the maintenance of such schools already established and under their control.
(4.)For the erection of school houses, and for any other purpose for which such moneys may be applied or appropriated.

Subject to any such appropriation, regulations may be made prescribing the times and manner at and in which such moneys shall be paid or applied.

9. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to interfere with or

Actnot to interfere with "Neglected Criminal Children Act 1867."

affect the provisions of "The Neglected and Criminal Children Act, 1867," or any Act amending the same, nor with any industrial or reformatory school established or which may be established under any Act or Ordinance.
10. Nothing in this Act shall be binding on any Maori, but

Act not to be binding on Maoris

any Maori shall be at liberty to send his children to a public school under this Act, subject to the regulations for the time being in force in such school.

The word "Maori" shall include every person of the aboriginal race of New Zealand and every person one of whose parents was a native of such race : But no half-caste shall be deemed to be a Maori within the interpretation of this Act unless he shall be living as a member of some Native tribe or community.

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[unclear: ovision for Sundays and Holidays].

11. When the day on which anything is by this Act required to be done falls on a Sunday, Good Friday, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, or any proclaimed or customary public holiday, then such thing shall be done on the day following.