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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83



1. Regulation 2 under Order in Council dated the 24th September, 1878, for defining the standards of education and for inspection of schools is hereby repealed.

2. At every standard examination of a public school the whole school shall he examined. Pupils not sufficiently advanced to be in a class that has been prepared for examination in Standard I. shall be examined in such manner as the Inspector may deem fit, but all the other pupils must be presented for examination according to the standards. Every pupil who lias already passed any standard must be presented for a higher standard; provided that at any time, not being less than three months before the examination, the teacher may, if he see fit, place any pupil in the class preparing for the standard which he last passed, and such pupil shall be examined with such class, but shall not be deemed a candidate for a pass, and shall not in any case be reckoned as passing again in the standard for which he is so examined. The teacher shall formally present for examination all the pupils on the school roll, by giving to the Inspector a list or lists of the pupils that are not prepared for Standard I., or a memorandum of the number of such pupils, and for each standard a separate list of the pupils presented to pass the standard, together with a list of those presented to be reexamined in the standard. The teacher shall, at the same time, hand to the Inspector a summary of the numbers presented, the total of which summary must correspond to the number of pupils on the roll of the school.

Forster Goring,

Clerk of the Executive Council.