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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

[24th September, 1878.]

[24th September, 1878.]

1. Subject to the provisions of these regulations, the Board of each education district shall make its own regulations for the employment, maintenance, education, and examination of pupil-teachers, and shall submit such regulations to the Minister of Education, and such regulations shall, upon receiving his approval, come into operation, and shall not be altered or amended without his authority.

2. Any agreement already entered into between any Board and any pupil-teacher, and in force at the date hereof, shall not be affected by these regulations, or by such regulations as any Board shall hereafter make in pursuance of these regulations.

3. The regulations to be made by any Board shall include provisions to the effect that a young person of either sex, to be eligible for appointment as a pupil-teacher, must be at least thirteen years of age, of good character, of good constitution, and free from any bodily or other defect or infirmity detrimental to usefulness or efficiency as a teacher, and must have passed the examination prescribed for the Fifth Standard.

4. The regulations to be made by any Board shall deal with the matters following:—
  • The nature of the agreement with pupil-teachers, whether indenture of apprenticeship or otherwise.
  • The term of service, and the number of hours to be spent each day in teaching.
  • The rate of pay.page 45
  • The number of hours which head-teachers shall devote to the instruction of pupil-teachers, and the remuneration for the same. The programme of annual examinations.

5. These regulations shall come into force upon the date hereof.