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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

[28th May, 1878.]

page 36

[28th May, 1878.]

1. The head-teacher of each school shall keep a register of attendance in a form which shall be furnished by the Minister of Education; and all the teachers in the school shall assist in making up weekly and quarterly summaries of attendance.

2. The attendance of the scholars in each school shall be registered every morning and every afternoon at a convenient time within the school hours.

3. The average daily attendance shall be ascertained by dividing the total number of morning and afternoon attendances taken together by the total number of times (morning and afternoon reckoned separately) that the school has been opened during the period for which the computation is made. The school shall be held to be open if any child be present before the first half-hour of the school time has passed. But, in order that the capitation allowance may not be unduly affected by bad weather, epidemics, or any unusual occurrence, a second computation of average shall be made, by throwing out of account the mornings and the afternoons on which the attendance was less than one-half of the number of children then belonging to the school; and the payments to Boards under "The Education Act, 1877," shall be based upon the second computation.

4. The Chairman of every School Committee shall, as soon as possible after the end of each quarter, cause to be transmitted to the Education Board of the district a return exhibiting, in the form hereinafter prescribed, the state of the school roll and of the attendance for such quarter.

5. The Education Board of each district shall cause to be made and transmitted to the Secretary to the Department of Education, at as early a date as possible in each quarter, a summary statement of the attendance returns received from the Committees for the preceding quarter.

6. The form of quarterly return of attendance from each school shall be as follows:—

School.Half- Days.F.Total.I. How many scholars were returned as belonging to the school at the end of last quarter? .. ... ... II. How many of these have left, not having attended at all this quarter III. What, then, was the number really belonging to the school at beginning of quarter? [Subtract II. from I.] IV. How many have been admitted during the quarter? .._____V. How many, therefore, have belonged to the school this quarter? [Add III. and IV.] VI. How many of these (in V.) left before the end of the quarter?—VII. What, then, is the number now belonging? [Subtract VI. from V.] VIII. What is the average weekly number on the roll during quarter?—

Return of Attendance for Quarter ending, 18.

(N.B.—This return should be sent in to the Board within five days after the end of the quarter.)

page 37

Return of Attendance—continued.SCHOOL.HALF- DAYS.M.P.TOTAL.IX. How many times has the school been open this quarter (mornings and afternoons to be reckoned separately)? X. What is the number of half-day attendances? .... XI. What, then, is the strict average attendance? [Divide XI. by IX.] ... .... ... ...———XII. On how many half-days has the attendance been not less than one-half of the number on the roll for the time being? .. ... ... ... XIII. What is the number of attendances on those half-days? XIV. What, then, is the average attendance by the second computation (or working average)? Divide XIII. by XII.] ... .... ... ... ... .————XV. What has been the largest attendance on any half-day this quarter?

AGES.MF.TOTAL.STANDARDS (WHERE OR WHEN STANDARDS ARE IN USE).MF.TOTAL. Under 5 years .. .. 5 and under 7 .. .. 7 and under 10 .. .. 10 and under 13 13 and under 15 .. .. Above 15 years .. .. Infants (too young for line next below) Perparing for Standard I. .. " " " I. .. " " " II. .. " " "III. .. " " " IV. .. " " " V. .. Passed Standard VI. ..Total as in line VII.Total as in line VII. ..

Reading .. .. Writing .. .. Arithmetic .. .. English Grammar and Composition .. .. Geography .. .. History .. .. ..1 Elementary Science .. Drawing .. .. Object-lessons .. .. Vocal Music .. .. Needlework .. Domestic Economy ..(Signed), Principal Teacher. Approved—, Chairman of Committee. Date:, 187 . 7. These regulations shall come into force upon the twenty-eighth day of May, 1878.

Numbers receiving Instruction ineach Subject prescribed by the Act.