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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

[10th July, 1882.]

[10th July, 1882.]

The books entitled "Little History of New Zealand," by E. M. Bourke (Robertson, Melbourne); "Primer of English History," by J. Curnow (Robertson, Melbourne); "English History Reading Books," Parts I., II., and III., by Miss Yonge (National Society, London); Political Economy Reading Book," by R. H. Inglis Palgrave (National Society, London); "Glimpses of the Globe," by J. R. Blakiston (Griffith page 54 and Farran, London); "The Child's Geography," by M. J. Barrington Ward (Marcus, Ward and Co., London); "First Geographical Reader" (Isbister, London); "The London Readers" (Isbister, London); "Chambers's English Readers" (Chambers, Edinburgh); "Standard Grammar," by J. M. D. Meiklejohn (Chambers, Edinburgh); "Domestic Economy," by J. Milner Fothergill (Isbister, London); "The Alphabet of the Principles of Agriculture," by Professor Tanner (Macmillan and Co., London); "Further Steps in the Principles of Agriculture," by Professor Tanner (Macmillan and Co., London), may be used in any public school as if they had been described and included in the list of works set forth in the Order in Council dated the twenty-fourth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight.