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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

[24th September, 1878.]

[24th September, 1878.]

1. Subject to such restrictions as the Education Board of any district may impose, any books described in the following list may be used in any public school:— page 52
  • Reading.—Nelson's Royal Readers (the whole series); Chambers's National Reader (the whole series); Collins's Academic Progressive Reader (the whole series); Philip's New Code Reader, by J. G. Cromwell (the whole series); and, for advanced classes, Macmillan's Sixth Reading Book, Morell's English Literature, and Church's Stories from Homer (Seeley).
  • Spelling.—Sullivan's Spelling Book Superseded; Jones's Spelling Book for Beginners; Jones's Essentials of Spelling; Christie's Constructive Spelling.
  • Writing.—Vere Foster's Copy-books (preferred to any others); Darnell's Copy-books; the Public School Copy-books (Daldy).
  • Arithmetic.—Colenso's Shilling Arithmetic; Colenso's Arithmetical Examples, Parts 1, 2, 3; Chambers's Arithmetical Exercises; Collins's Standard Arithmetic; Collins's Complete System of Practical Arithmetic; Nelson's Royal Arithmetic, Parts 1 to 5; Piper's Elementary School Arithmetic; Manson's Progressive Exercises (Senior and Junior); Irish National School Arithmetic; and, for advanced classes, Colenso's School Arithmetic; Barnard Smith's School Arithmetic; Hamblin Smith's Arithmetic; Piper's Advanced Arithmetic; Barnard Smith's Arithmetical Exercises with Answers; and Barnard Smith's Examination Papers in Arithmetic with Answers.
  • Grammar.—Lewis's Grammar for Beginners (2d.); Chambers's Grammar Primer (l½d.); Chambers's Introduction to Grammar (6d.); Morrison's Initiatory English Grammar (7d.); Brewer's First and Second English Grammars (4d. and 1s., Philip); Smith's English Grammar Simplified (Nelson); Currey's English Grammar; Morrison's English Grammar; Allen and Cornwell's English Grammar; Collins's English Grammar; Douglas's English Grammar; Chambers's Grammar and Composition; and, for advanced classes, Lewis's English Language, its Grammar and History (2s., Stanford); Smith and Hall's English Grammar (Murray); and Morell's Grammar and Analysis. [Teachers may consult with advantage Tancock's English Grammar.]
  • Composition.—Chambers's Introduction to Composition; Allen and Cornwell's Young Composer; Collins's Elementary English Composition; Nelson's Exercises in English Composition.
  • Geography.—Chambers's Outlines of Geography (1½d.); Collins's Young Child's Geography (3d.); Nelson's Geography and Atlas combined; Hughes's Elementary Class Book of Modern Geography; Cornwell's Geography for Beginners; Cornwell's School Geography; Mackay's Outlines of Modern Geography; Murray's School Manual of Modern Geography; Petrie's New Zealand Geography; Bowden's New Zealand Geographies (revised); Collins's Modern Geography—Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand; Science Primer—Geography; Sullivan's Geography Generalized. Physical Geography: Procter's Elementary Physical Geography (1s. 6d., Longman's, strongly recommended as comprising all the physical geography required for Standards IV., V., and VI.); Geikie's Physical Geography (Science Primer); Hughes's Elementary Physical Geography; and, for advanced classes, Hughes's Class Book of Physical Geography; also Foster's Manual of Geographical Pronunciation (2s.).
  • History.—Nelson's Brief History of England (7d.); Laurie's Compendium of English History; Edith Thomson's History of England (Macmillan); Nelson's History of Great Britain; Collier's History of the British Empire; Epochs of English History (Longmans); Epochs of Ancient History; Epochs of Modern History; Dr. Smith's Smaller History of England.page 53
  • Elementary Science.—Berners's First Lessons on Health (1s.); Buck ton's Health in the House (Longmans); the Scholar's Handbook of Household Management (Macmillan); Collins's Domestic Economy; Laurie's Home and its Duties; Chambers's Girls' Reading Book (Homework and Duties); the Science Primers; Irish Agricultural Class Book; Johnston's Agricultural Chemistry; Johnston's Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology; Mrs. Fawcett's Lessons in Political Economy; Lessons in Political Economy (S.P.C.K.); J. S. Laurie's Sketches of Political Economy; Chambers's Political Economy.
  • Music.—Tonic Sol-fa Standard Course, and other Tonic Sol-fa publications; Stimpson's Exercises from Singing Class Book (Collins); Nelson's School Songs; Currie's School Songs; Crampton's 24 School Songs; Training School Song Book; 60 Kindergarten Songs and games (Novello); Child's Garland of Action Songs with Music (Central School DepÔt).
  • Drawing.—Tate's Practical Geometry (1s.); J. C. Dicksee's Perspective (4s.).

2. Any Board which may desire to continue temporarily the use of any book not contained in the foregoing list, or to introduce any new book, may, if the Minister for Education see fit, receive special authority for the use of such book.

3. These regulations shall come into force upon the date hereof.