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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 83

"the Education Act, 1877."

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"the Education Act, 1877."



1.Short Title.
2.Commencement of Act.
3.Repeal of Acts and Ordinances.
5.Division of Act.

Part I.

Department of Education.

6.Minister of Education.
7.Secretary and Inspector and officers of Department of Education.
8.Expenses of administering department to be appropriated by General Assembly.
9.Act not to interfere with "Neglected and Criminal Children Act, 1867."
10.Act not to be binding on Maoris.
11.Provision for Sundays and holidays.

Part II.

Education Boards.

(1.) Education Districts.

12.Education districts.

(2.) Constitution of Boards.

13.Education Board.
14.When members of Board take office.
15.Annual retirement of three members of Board.
16.Ordinary election to fill vacancies.
17.Existing Boards to be first Boards under this Act.
18.First elections may be postponed.
19.Existing Boards to administer Act in altered districts till elections held.
20.Qualification for members of Board.
21.Disqualification of members.
22.Provision for vacancy in Board.
23.Acts of Board not to be questioned for informality, &c.
24.Boards incorporated.

(3.) Property of Boards.

25.Property acquired under repealed Acts or Ordinances to vest in Boards constituted by this Act. Provision in respect of new districts.
26.Moneys payable to former Boards to be paid to new Boards.
27.Dets due to or owing by former Boards to be paid by or recovered from new Board.
28.Contracts entered into under re pealed Acts or Ordinances, by whom to be performed.
29.Provision for apportioning debts and liabilities between old and new Boards.

(4.) Secretary and Officers of Boards.

30.Boards may appoint Secretary and other officers.
31.Duties of Secretary.

(5.) Meetings of Boards.

32.First and other meetings of Boards.
33.Quorum of Boards. Chairman to be elected.
34.Minutes to be kept.

(6.) Powers and Duties of Boards.

35.General powers and duties of Boards.
36.Provision when school districts divided. School year.
37.Public notice to be given when school district formed.
38.Trustees of school may agree to place same under control of Board.

(7.) Board Fund.

39.Board to make annual estimate of moneys required for current year.
40.Provision for deduction from grants in aid in certain cases.
41.Funds of Boards.
42.Board Fund, of what to consist.
43.Disposal of fund.
44.Accounts to be kept. Accounts to be audited.

(8.) Appointment of Teachers.

45.Appointment and removal of teachers.
46.Teachers of schools in office to continue in same.page 2
47.Duration of appointment of school teacher. Summary dismissal in certain cases.
48.Teacher's occupation of school-house.
49.Proceedings against a teacher refusing to give up school house on demand.
50.Pupil-teachers may be employed.

(9.) Scholarships, District High Schools.

51.Board may establish scholarships.
52.Board may receive land or money for foundation of scholarships.
53.Who may compete for scholarship.
54.Board may make regulations for scholarships.
55.District high schools may be established by Board.
56.Course of instruction in high schools.
57.School libraries may bo established.

Part III.

School Districts. School Committees and their Duties.

(1.) School Districts.

58.School Committees.
59.Disqualification for membership of Committee.
60.Provision for constitution of now school districts.
61.Meeting of householders.
62.School districts in existence under repealed Acts or Ordinances to continue such.

(2.) Election of School Committees.

63.Election of first School Committees under this Act.
64.Subsequent elections. Proceedings at meeting. Duration of office.
65.Cumulative voting at elections.
66.Disputes as to validity of elections to be settled by Board of District. Provision in case of failure to elect on day of annual meeting.
67.In case of failure to elect at second meeting, Board may appoint Commissioner.
68.Powers and duties of Commissioners.

(3.) Meetings of School Committees.

69.First meeting of School Committee. Election of Chairman.
70.Proceedings at meetings.
71.Clerk and Treasurer may be appointed. Not to receive remuneration in certain cases.
72.Minutes of meetings, &c.
73.Committee may appear by Clerk, or Chairman, or Solicitor.

(4.) Powers and Duties of School Committees.

74.Committee may establish public schools. Committee to have management of educational matters in school district.
75.Committee may provide school-houses, &c.
76.May appoint teachers of sewing.
77.Board may acquire sites for school houses, &c.
78.Savings banks may be established.

(5.) Good-Attendance Certificates.

79.Certificates of attendance obtain able.

(6.) School Fund.

80.Of what School Fund to consist.
81.Application of section 41 to School Fund.
82.Audit of Committee's accounts. Copy to bo sent to the Board.

Part IV.

Public Schools and Management Thereof.

(1.) Course of Instruction in Public Schools.

83."School ago" defined.
84.Public schools to be conducted in accordance with regulations. Course of instruction in public schools.
85.Military drill and physical training in certain schools. Playgrounds.
86.Evening schools.
87.Expulsion of children in certain cases.
88.Itinerant teachers may be appointed. Aided schools.

(2.) Compulsory Education: Exemptions.

89.Every child above seven nor more than thirteen to attend school.
91.In case child does not attend school, notice may be given.
92.Proceedings to compel attendance.

(3.) Penalties in certain cases.

93.Penalty for non-compliance with order of Justices.
94.Proceedings to bo taken under "Justices of the Peace Act, 1866."
95.Compulsory clauses, when shall be enforced.page 3
96.Penalty for wilful disturbance of school.

(4.) Inspection of Schools.

97.Inspection of schools.
98.Private schools may be inspected on request of managers.
99.Governor may order inspection of industrial schools, &c.

(5.) Regulations and Reports.

100.Regulations may bo made by Order in Council.
101.Minister to make annual report.
102.Boards to made annual report.
103.Committee to forward yearly report to Board.
104.School lands and buildings exempt from rates. Schedules.