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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 82

Rules of the Liberal Association of New South Wales

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Rules of the Liberal Association of New South Wales.

H. Garforth, Printer Sydney 79 Liverpool Street West.

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Office Bearers.


  • Mr. F. J. Thomas.


  • Mr. Charles Bright.
  • Mr. T. Slocombe.
  • Mr. R. White.
  • Mr. W. Westman.
  • Mr. H. M. Ellery.
  • Mr. H. Dose.

Hon. Treasurer:

  • Mr. A. T. Munro.

Hon. Secretary:

  • Mr. C. E. Johnson.

Committee :

  • Mr. W. Franklin.
  • Mr. F. Taprowsky.
  • Mr. W. Irving.
  • Mr. T. Hawkings.
  • Mr. J. Riley.
  • Mr. G. Turri.
  • Mr. G. Davis.
  • Mr. H. G. Goddard.
  • Mr. G. J. Shergold.
  • Mr. F. Jones,
  • Mr. G. Wright.
  • Mr. E. Easton.
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Rules of the Liberal Association of New South Wales.

1. This Association shall be called "The Liberal Association of New South Wales," and the headquarters thereof shall be situated in Sydney.

2. It shall be supported by periodical subscriptions from its Members, and by such donations and subscriptions as may fall to it.

3. The subscriptions of Members shall be two shillings and sixpence per quarter, five shillings per half-year, and ten shillings per year; payable in advance.

4. No restriction of any kind whatsoever shall be placed upon Members, or any declaration required from them, subject always to the Standing Rules and Bye-Laws.

page 4
5. The Association shall be formed on the following bases:—
1.The universal Brotherhood of Man.
2.The inherent right of all individuals to hold, practise, and proclaim any opinions, on all subjects whatsoever, which their conscientious convictions may demand; always provided that this is done in such a manner as may induce no breach of the public peace, or interfere in any way with the like liberty of others.
3.The duty of every individual to conserve and maintain this Liberty.
4.The supreme authority of demonstrated Fact—Fidelity to Knowledge.
5.Aspiration after the highest Morality.
6.Respect for known Worth.
7.The Sanctity of Truth.
8.The Emancipation of Woman.
9.The right of everyone to the Product of his own Labour.
10.Complete Secularisation of the State.
page 5
6. The objects of the Association shall be:—
1.To watch the course of events, and be ready at all times to offer through its executive, the necessary opposition to any encroachment upon, or restriction to general liberty; having especial reference to such as affect the religious convictions of those concerned.
2.To provide premises, supplied with useful literature, where Liberals of all shades can meet together for social intercourse.
3.To assist in maintaining Sunday evening Lectures.
4.To render assistance by advice, or otherwise to those who suffer in consequence of their opinions.
5.To promote the extension of Civil and Religious Liberty by all suitable means.
6.The extension of Sunday Freedom, while limiting, as far as possible, Sunday Labour.page 6
7.The affairs of the Association shall be administered by a Committee consisting of the Officers and twelve Members.
8.The Officers shall be a President, six Vice-Presidents, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.
9.The Officers and Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting from the full roll of Members; and on any interim vacancies occurring, nominations shall be taken at the first, and elections at the second, General Meeting of Members ensuing.
10.No person receiving any pecuniary benefit from the Association shall be eligible for election to the Committee.
11.The Committee shall meet at least once a month, for the dispatch of business, five to form a quorum.
12.The Committee shall have the power to frame Bye-Laws, or alter the same provided they be not at variance with these Rules, and subject always to disallowance at any General Meeting.page 7
13.The Committee shall have the power, subject to the approval of the next General Meeting, to appoint any visitor to the colony an Honorary Member of the Association.
14.There shall be a General Meeting of Members at least once in each month, for business or other purposes. The programmes for such meetings, whether for business or otherwise, shall be previously drawn up by the Committee. At the May meeting in each year, the Report and Balance Sheet for the past year shall be submitted, and the election of Officers take place_ These matters to take precedence of any other business.
15.At any General Meeting it shall be competent for any Member to propose any resolution of which he has given notice, in writing, at the previous General Meeting.
16.Special General Meetings shall be convened by the Secretary, by the direction of the Committee, or on the written request of twenty Members.
17.All voting shall be by show of hands, unless a ballot be demanded by a Member.
18.At all Meetings the Chairman shall have a casting vote only.page 8
19.Members failing to pay their subscriptions shall, after a lapse of three months, be liable to have their names struck off the roll.
20.All property which may fall to the Association shall be settled upon such trusts as the Committee may appoint.
21.The Committee shall have power to refuse or terminate the Membership of any person at any time. But on doing so, in any case, the matter must be brought for confirmation before the first ensuing General Business Meeting, whose decision shall be final.
22.Subject to the Rules and Bye-Laws, Members may introduce friends to the Rooms for a period not exceeding one month.
23.Rules 4, 5, and 6, shall only be altered, or rescinded, by an unanimous vote of a Special General Meeting, called for the purpose, at which not less than three-fourths of the full roll of Members are present.
24.That in any case where these Rules do not apply, or in any case where there may be doubt as to their meaning or application, the Chairman's ruling shall be final.