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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 82


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  • Alfred Russel Wallace, LL.D., F.R.G.S., Frith Hill, Godalming.

Vice Presidents.

  • Desmond G. Fitzgerald.
  • E. D. Girdlestone, B.A. Oxon.
  • Professor F. W. Newman.
  • Miss Helen Taylor.


  • A. C. Swinton.*

Hon. Secretary

  • A. McDonnell.

Asst. Hon. Secretaries.

  • Wm. Jameson and C. A. Win Dust.

Hon. Financial Secretary.

  • H. G. Moberly.
  • Rev. J. D. Alford.
  • J. G. Ashley.
  • H. Atherton, B.C.S.
  • Gilmore Barnett.
  • H. H. Hood Barrs, LL B.
  • Rev. S. E. Bengough, M.A.
  • A. G. Buttifant.
  • E. T. Craig (of Ralahine).
  • R. Cooper (Eastbourne).
  • T. W. Rhys Davids.
  • R. S. Dick, M.D.
  • P. R. Domoney, M. S'mpton S.B.
  • R. R. Douglas (Liverpool).
  • Col. J. M. Earle.
  • T. H. Elliott.
  • A. Halstead (Harrogate).
  • E. Hatzfield.
  • W. Hicks (Eastbourne).
  • H. Hutchinson (Derby).
  • Spencer Jackson.
  • Rev. E. Pan Jones, Ph.D. (Mostyn).
  • H. S. Lewis.
  • H. W. Ley.
  • B. Lucraft, M.L.S.B.
  • Chas. Mackay. LL.D.
  • Ernest Morley.
  • C. Murray.
  • R. Owen.
  • J. A. Parker.
  • Chas. Peach.
  • Rev. W. H. Ratcliff, M.A.
  • W. Roeves.
  • W. Reynolds.
  • Edgar Robinson (Isle of Man.)
  • Lt.-Col. W. A. Ross, F.G.S.
  • F. E. M. Steele.
  • Rev. T. Travers Sherlock, B.A. (Smethwick).
  • A. P. Snodgrass.
  • T. W. Taunton.
  • Mrs. W. Tebb.
  • W. Trant.
  • J. Turle, M.D.
  • D. Urquhert.
  • W. Volckman.
  • T. F. Walker (Birmingham).
  • J. Whyte (Inverness).
  • S. D. Williams (Malvern).
  • Howard Williams, M.A.
  • F.A. Winler.
Assistant Secretary.

Robt. B. Holt.

* Those marked with an and the Officers constitute the Executive Committee.