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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 82

Land Nationalisation Abroad

Land Nationalisation Abroad.

At our last annual meeting it was stated that Land Nationalisation had been strenuously advocated in New Zealand. We have now the pleasure of stating that the movement has extended also to New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland, where societies have been formed, and seem to be flourishing. In Queensland a Land Bill was actually passed last October, founded on the great principle of leasing, instead of alienating, the Crown lands, with measures for the reduction of great estates and the prevention of their future aggregation; and also for the encouragement of small farmers throughout the colony. In South Australia the movement appears to be even more thorough, though it has not yet resulted in legislation. The South Australian Land Nationalisation Society has for its objects—1. To stop the further sale of all Crown lands; 2. To restore to the State by purchase the ownership of land already sold; 3. To provide for the leasing of all lands on such terms as shall ensure to the State a fair rental, and to the tenant full security for his improvements and for the results of his industry. The Society referred to has issued a manifesto, of which 15,000 copies have been circulated, containing a full and admirable exposition of the true principles of Land Nationalisation, with proposals very similar to our own. Surely there cannot be a better justification of the soundness of our principles than the fact that they have been adopted in almost all the Australian colonies as affording the only remedy for the intolerable evils which have arisen page 19 there through permitting the people's land to become the private possession of the wealthy.