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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 82

A Simple Scientific Experiment

A Simple Scientific Experiment.

In these days of science, and when the properties of electricity in particular have become so much more understood than formerly, the following simple magnetic experiments should prove interesting, if not instructive, to many. Many young folks, and old folks too, are not aware that they have materials ready at their hands for producing several of the phenomena of frictional electricity. The apparatus required to create magnetic attraction, and to draw a spark from a person's nose accompanied by a sharp cracking report, are simply a small piece of brown paper, a warm fire, and some flannel in the form of a shirt sleeve or otherwise. The experiment itself is as simple as the apparatus. It is as follows :—Take a small piece of brown paper, warm it by the fire, and without removing it too far from the fire's warmth, rub it rapidly in one direction across your sleeve or any other woollen substance. In a few moments the friction will have converted the brown paper into a magnet, and it will adhere to the wall for a minute or two if placed against it. Warm and rub the paper again, and if quickly applied to a person's nose it will emit a bright electric spark, and a report similar to the snapping of a small wooden stick. There is neither any danger nor expense attached to this amusing experiment, and is well worth a trial to any one wishing to entertain a friend on a social Sunday evening.