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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 82

The Flying Game

The Flying Game.

The players sit round the table, The leader begins by saying, "Robins fly !" and raises and waves his or her hands like wings : everybody present must do the same. Then he or she continues with great rapidity, Eagles fly !—moths fly !—bees fly—ravens fly !—thistledown flies !—feathers fly !" &c, &c. each time waving his or her hands. At length he or she says something flies which does not, and keeps his or her hands still; but the players generally (if it is done quickly) will mistake, and wave theirs at the wrong time. Whoever does so pays a forfeit. The leader should endeavour to confuse the followers by saying, "Cowards fly!—ants fly !" (ants do occasionally fly)—" plovers fly ! "&c, &c.; and then, "Graahoppers fly !—dogs fiy !" &c., &c. Any mistake made either way must be atoned for by a forfeit.