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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

The Quarterly Journal of Economics

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The Quarterly Journal of Economics

Is established for the advancement of knowledge by the full and free discussion of economic questions. The editors assume no responsibility for the views of contributors, beyond a guarantee that they have a good claim to the attention of well-informed readers.

Communications for the editors should be addressed to the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Cambridge, Mass.; business communications and subscriptions ($3.00 a year), to the Publication Agent of Harvard University, 2 University Hall, cambridge, Mass.

Contents for May, 1910
I. The Separation of State and Local Revenues Charles J. Bullock
II. The Subjective Element in the First Principles of Taxation F. T. Edgeworts
III. Control of Railroad Accounts in Leading European Countries A. M. Sakotok
IV. Small Holdings and Agricultural Co-Operation in England C.R. Fay
V. Present Work and Present Wages J.. G. Thompson
Some Recent Books on Protective Tariffs Edward Van Dyke Robtson
Notes and Memoranda:
The Cleveland Street Railway Settlement Edward W. Beads
Recent Changes In Australasian Laws Against Strike Victor S. Clark
The Decline in Trade Union Membership C. H. Parker
An American Experiment In Workmen's Insurance Henry Davis Bushknell
The British Minimum Wages Act of 1909 A. N. Holcombe
Text of British Minimum Wages Act of 1909
Contents for August, 1910
I. The Mann-Elkins Act, Amending the Act to Regulate Commerce Frank Haigh Dixce
II. Proposals for Strengthening the National Banking System. II O. M. W. Sprague
III. Compulsory Arbitration in New Zealand James Edward Le Rossignel William Downie Stewart
IV. Old Age Pension Schemes: A Criticism and a Program F. Spencer Baidwith
Notes and Memoranda:
Commercial Banking and the Rate of Interest Harry G-Brown
A Revised Index Number for Measuring the Rise in Price J. Pease Norton
Method of Taxing the Unearned Increment Edgar H. Johnson
The French Old Age Insurance Law of 1910 Robert F. Foerster