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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Relation of Parents and Citizens in the Republic

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Relation of Parents and Citizens in the Republic

Parents may send their children tous with any kind of an outfit they choose, except that a large amount of unnecessary clothing, jewelry, etc., will not be permitted. The usual outfit calls for two suits, two pair shoes, three suits underwear and such other accessories as handkerchiefs, ties, brushes, etc. After this initial outfit the parent is not permitted to furnish clothing or other things easily converted into money. If the parents do send these things the Citizen is not allowed to receive them free, hut must redeem the goods, at about face value, in Republic coin which he obtains by working regularly at some trade or on the farm. The object of this rule is to put the rich and poor boy on the same basis of self-support. There is a reasonably good store in the Republic at which Citizens may buy with their own coin nearly everything they need.

Perfect freedom in the matter of letter writing is allowed except the prisoners in jail, who may write letters only once a week—Sundays. Parents may write as often as they wish. The letters of all Citizens are censured as long as we feel the need of such precautions. Any piece of mail which we consider it unwise to let the Citizen have is withheld. In case of severe sickness, accident or runaway we notify the parent; but we do not undertake to render regular reports. However, such reports are cheerfully given when asked for.

Vacations are not fixed by the mere passage of time. Real progress in standards of Citizenship, thrift, and conscientious work in shop and school are the factors that determine whether or not a boy or girl is entitled to a vacation. The parents or friends are required to bear all the expenses of the vacation. A bond of fifty dollars must be page break deposited with the Republic Authorities to guarantee safe and prompt return of the Citizen. Upon his return the bond is sent back to the parent, or, if requested, applied upon the account of the parent with the Republic.

Parents are requested not to arrange for the vacation with the Citizen until the matter has been fully arranged with the "Office." No Citizen is granted more than two weeks vacation: please do not ask for a longer period.

If for reason which neither parent nor child are responsible a Citizen is returned to his home or dismissed from the Republic, (physical or mental disability) and there is any unused tuition to the credit of such parent, the money will be returned to the parent: otherwise the money is forfeited to the George Junior Republic Association.

People wishing to send boys or girls to the Republic should have the eyes, teeth and throat thoroughly examined and treated if necessary, before sending the child to the Republic