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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Historical Sketch

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Historical Sketch

The story of the Hunt Memorial School is a story of evolution. In September 1896 a school for elementary pupils was opened at the Republic in a room at the Pioneer Cottage. This school consisted of thirty-seven pupils and one teacher. As the grades of these thirty-seven pupils ranged from the lowest primary to third year grammar the duties of the teacher were by no means light. For eight years the condition remained much the same though several changes were made, the most notable was the remodeling of the old cow stable in 1898. This provided a new study hall and two recitation rooms. Al times there was one teacher, again there were two.

In January 1905 the modern, comfortable building donated by Miss Bourne and known as the Hunt Memorial School was completed and opened. It seemed as though this building would be adequate for all time but as the school was graded and new courses were added, a High School was organized and one by one the faculty increased until at last in 1909 the building was totally inadequate for the need.

It has often been said that a successful school in the George Junior Repulic was an impossibility because of the heterogeneous character and training of the pupils. Toward the end of the school year 1909 there was manifested throughout the student body a desire to pass examinations and to he promoted. Without this attitude no school can grow. Decided evidence of this awakening was shown in the results of the examinations in 1910.

About twenty passed out of the Grammar school on preliminary certificates and the Hunt Memorial High School awarded Regents1 diplomas to its first Academic graduating class in June 1910. Four of our students entered college without conditions. In the meantime we had become a Regents School of Senior Grade al- page break though reports showed less than fifty counts in 1908, we had 250 counts for 1909 and almost 600 in 1910,

This enthusiasm to accomplish something, sought new channels and our pupils were eager to participate in Prize Speaking Contests. In June 1910 in the Owasco Valley Prize Speaking Contest, the participants of which were members of the High Schools of Moravia, Dryden, Groton and the Republic, the first prizes were awarded to a boy and a girl from the Hunt Memorial School. The work of the sewing department has kept abreast with the times, the quality and quantity of the garments manufactured showing so great an improvement on those of the previous year that we feel we possess a model shop which can turn out any plain garment one wishes to order.

The outlook for the future is most encouraging. The new buildings with commodious quarters are nearly complete and since we have made such strides under adverse and crowded conditions what may we not hope to accomplish in more advantageous surroundings?