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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Aim of Republics

Aim of Republics.

It must be understood that the republic aims chiefly at character building. We have been made a trade school because in the development of character productive labor plays a very important part. We are attempting to make the Republic self-supporting on the basis of the productive value of its "citizens". Much of the produce is consumed on the place. Amongst the older boys and girls there is quite a wage earning capacity but it must be remembered that they spend half of their time in school, while with the younger and new "citizens" the page 9 efficiency of wage earning is very limited owing to previous habits and conditions of life.

The average wage paid a "citizen" is ten cents an hour. The working day is from seven o'clock in the morning to six o'clock at night with an hour for dinner at noon. Most of the "citizens" spend half of this time in school, attending either in the morning or in the afternoon according to the classes to which they belong. They are not paid for attending school. Out of their wages they must pay for board, lodging, poll tax, laundry, clothing, and whatever else they may need or can afford. The Citizens National Bank offers an efficient banking system, and here the "citizen" deposits his pay check and defrays his expenses by checks in the usual