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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Particulars of Dispute

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Particulars of Dispute.

1.That Conductor Hordson be reinstalled in his position, or given a satisfactory reason for his dismissal.
2.The General Manager shall give a written guarantee that in future any employee being dismissed from the service shall be given a valid reason for his dismissal.
3.Any employee being sent to the Head Office for an alleged fault shall see all reports made against him, and have the right to call evidence in his own behalf, as Inspectors' reports are often found to be misleading, and exaggerated to suit requirements of the Traffic Manager.
4.Any Inspector proved guilty of making mis-statements or false reports against employees shall be instantly dismissed.
5.Seeing that Mr. Lysaght's questionable methods were the real cause of the Strike of November, 1906. and that the recent harassing of Motormen and Conductors by Ticket Inspectors has been in obedience to his instructions, he shall be removed from direct contact with the men, as the Union is of the opinion that there will be no peace or harmony in the service so long as he is retained in his present position.
6.That the employees of the Company shall not be asked to work with any "blacklegs" who went back to work during the last Strike.
7.That, in order to lighten the labour of the men, as well as to ensure the safety of the travelling public, the Company shall be compelled to instal either the magnetic or the air brakes on the cars, as the present unaided hand-brakes are a menace to public safety, as well as entailing unnecessary labour on the Motorman.
8.That the Company shall be compelled to pay due regard to the recommendations contained in the Auckland Tramways Award, now in force in the Northern Industrial District, in relation to:
(a)Providing all cars with glass fronts, to afford protection to the Motorman in all weathers.
(b)To gradually reduce the spare list by not making any further additions to it. He that ultimately all the men who are kept on the spare list may be enabled to earn a reasonable wage.
(c)To arrange for men who have been in the service of the Company for at least twelve months, and who have been faithful and diligent servants, to have a yearly holiday of at least eight days, and to pay the men at least half wages during such holiday.

C. W. Smith


Arthur Rosser