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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81


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Introduction 1
Particulars of Dispute 3
Agreement 4
Chairman's Opening 5
Union's Opening 10
Company's Opening 52
Company's Summing Up 107
Union's Summing Up 111
Board's Finding 123
Witnesses' Evidence.
Ashe, T.h., Inspector, Company 79
Baker, H. J., Depot Cler, Company 65
Bassett, W. G., Ex-Inspector, Union 46
Bassett, W. G., Ex-Inspector, Union (re-called) 58
Beaston, Thomas, Ex-Conductor, Union 18
Breen, W. L., Motorman, Union 29
Brennand, J. H., Tramway Superintendent, Company 82
Brown, James, Ex-Conductor, Union 21
Browne, S. F., Conductor, Union 49
Buckley, P. C., Motorman, Union 40
Campbell, W. S., Ex-Inspector, Union 34
Carter, Henry, Motorman, Union 45
Cox, J. B., Ex-Inspector, Union 43
Etheridge, F. J., Ex-Conductor, Union 59
Glass, Thomas, Ex-Conductor, Union 29
Guy, Benjamin, Ex-Conductor, Union 67
Hansen, P. M., Tramway Director, Company 94
Haslam, W. H., Motorman, Union 27
Haydock, William, Depot Clerk, Company 84
Herdson, H. M., Conductor, Union 24
Hodosn, Roy, Conductor, Union 33
Holden, A.N., Ex-Conductor, Union 15
Hugonett, J. P., Conductor, Union 42
Johnstone, T. A., Inspector, Union 20
Lysaght, W. D., Traffic Manager, Company 52
Mackay, Andrew, Chief Inspector (Epsom), Company 99
Mansell, J. H., Conductor, Union 34page break
Maretelli, Claude, Ex-Accountant, Union 102
McElwain, Peter, Inspector, Union 19
McElwain, Peter Inspector, Company 76
Mills, James, Switchman. Union 16
Morris, E. H., Chief Inspector (Ponsonby), Company 89
Morris, E. H., Chief Inspector (Ponsonby), Company (re-called) 98
Reuss, Frederick, Moorman, Company 62
Rockland, William, Motorman, Union 31
Rogers, Walter, Motorman, Union 52
Rosser, Arthur, Union Secretary, Union 50
Rowe, W. T., Inspector, Company 66
Smith, C. W., Motorman, Union 38
Spry, L. G. F., Inspector, Company88
Spry, Richard, Motorman, Company 63
Steen, Thomas, Conductor, Union 28
Tickle, Evan, Inspector, Company 69
Turner, Ralph, Inspector, Company 64
Veart, H. E., Ex-Motorman, Company 22
Walker, Vaughan, Inspector, Company 78
Walklate, J. J., General Manager, Company 103