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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

The Danger of Levelling Down

The Danger of Levelling Down.

Now a needs wage is necessarily more or less uniform in the different trades, and this uniformity would produce the same discouragement of superior care, skill and industry as is found under the present conditions. It is idle to assume equality of industrial efficiency in the workers in all the different callings—inequality not equality is nature's rule, and any law which fails to give an [unclear: tive] or encouragement to the exercise superior efficiency causes a dead heavy loss to the whole communitive. It causes, indeed, a double loss-first the loss of that additional wealth that would otherwise have been produced and secondly in time the loss from non exercise the very superior [unclear: eff]

[unclear: ow] what freedom of oppor [unclear: on]e for progressive people—[unclear: what] the denial of it has [unclear: e] Eastern Peoples still in [unclear: of] caste upon whom a mis-[unclear: dead], level is imposed by law or [unclear: Progress] demands that extra [unclear: skill] a effort should have extra reward, or you will in time produce an industrial stagnation. It is worth some thought and trouble to even partly secure the one and avoid the other. I would ask the censorious to remember this.