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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Memorandum for The Hon. Attorney-General. Wellington

Memorandum for The Hon. Attorney-General. Wellington.
In reply to inquiry I append the information desired:—
1. Total number of Income Taxpayears 10,420
2. Amount of net income assessed for tax before deducting exemptions £10,105,573
3. Number of wage and salary earners who pay tax 2463
4. Number of Civil Servants who pay tax 482
Number of teachers who pav tax 156
5 Number in private empley (including those employed by local authorities ties, etc.) 1835
6 Number of taxpayers who are traders, manufacturers, or carrying on any business—Persons and firms 4827. non-resident traders 174, companies 3885
7. Number of net income of Such traders, manufactures, etc:—Firms and persone £4.052,553, [unclear: non] traders £128, 126, [unclear: s] £3, 594,900 £7,775,579

[unclear: be] noted that in the great [unclear: cases] of business men, [unclear: the] net income assessed taxation is necessarily greater than would be shown by the tax payers balance-sheets. This is the resuit of numerous items debited to Profit and Loss not being deductable for income tax purposes, and consequently added by the Department, in assessing, to the balance shown by taxpayers accounts.

I attach a schedule summarising the figures given in this memorandum in a form which may lie more convenient for reference:—
1907-8. Income-tax Payers.
Salaried Officers:—
Civil Servants 482
Teachers 156
Others 1835
Traders. Manufacturers and Business Men:—
Firms and persons 4827
Non-resident traders 174
Companies 884
Professional and unspecified 2052
Total 10,420
1907-8. Net income assesed for tax before deducting exceptions.
Traders, manufacturers, and business men £7,775,579
Others £2,329, 994
Total £10,105,0.3

P. Heyes,

Commissioner of Taxes.