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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 81

Some Surprising Figures

Some Surprising Figures

But it may be said that these [unclear: are] idle calculations, since the great body of the wage-earners are [unclear: receiving] wage which justifies no increase Unfortunately, no. Would it were so! peruse and consider the return I have read and the average wages it discloses But if you do not like averages let me give you this surprising information. In this country all wage-earners whose income exceeds, £300 a year have to furnish returns of their income to the Commisnoner, and pay tax on the excess. I will produce an authoritative return shortly on this subject, but meanwhile let me tell you that or the 220,272 wage-earners in New Zealand high or low, including the highest managers and officials outsit the Civil Service, only 1835 receive in salary over £300 a year, while in the Civil Service vice (including, for the purpose, school teachers). 643 get more that this £6 a week. week.

In private employ, then, out of the hundreds of thousands engaged 1&35 wage-earners only get more than the sum of £300 a year. I do not overlook the fact that some deductions are allowed in the income assessment for life insurance premiums, but these inappreciably affect my figures. I have had other turns prepared showing what wage the vast majority of our workers receive not on an average, but individually; and without swamping my [unclear: address] now with figures I am in a position to page 8 [unclear: say] that it is lower I am sure, than [unclear: reasonable] and sympathetic [unclear: would] like to see but well-wishing are of [unclear: liuio] [unclear: by] stern facts which show [unclear: increase] the wage-earners income [unclear: Is] a day involves a payment of over ¼2 million sterling every year.